What is Tri-Animals?

Tri-Animals is a natural solution to noxious chemical repellents to fight off annoying flies, mosquitoes and ants. For founder Dianna Lawson, who has spent most of her life working with animals, she was searching for a better solution to using harsh chemicals to keep away insects.

All Natural Ingredients

Using a cider vinegar as a base and experimenting with various combinations of insect repelling and healing oils and extracts Lawson has developed the perfect combination of organic ingredients.

Tri-Animals is a non-sticky, all-natural spray that can be used for multiple purposes. This spray can be used on horses, canines and humans, effectively repelling flies, ticks, bedbugs and more.

Other ingredients like Myrrh and Eucalyptus contribute to Tri-Animals benefits for general skin-care, sunburns, poison ivy or sumac, and other irritating skin conditions.

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How it Works

Soaking in quickly, Tri-Animals has a pleasing citrus scent that fades fast leaving you protected without smelling like chemicals.

In addition to the amazing insect repellent properties, Tri-Animals is a wonderful solution to healing wounds. Spraying Tri-Animals on a wound helps reduce scar tissue, proud flesh and increases hair growth around the wounds.

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Lawson is an enthusiastic environmentalist, using all natural ingredients and spray bottles that can be recycled. If you're looking for an organic solution to the harmful chemical bug sprays, Tri-Animals is here for you!

Tri-Animals is used by hunting guides in Africa

In the News

Tri-Animals was featured in an article from The Big Sky Weekly about Dianna and her development of Tri-Animals with help from her friends in Africa.

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See Tri-Animals in Action

The healing powers of Tri-Animals are evident. View the effects of Tri-Animals on a wound. Some images are slightly graphic, please view at your own discrestion.

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