"As we were setting up for the rehearsal dinner outside, the mosquitoes and flies were terrible! Everyone was miserable! That night we got some Tri-Animals and sprayed the grass, trees and bushes. The wedding was a complete mosquito/fly free success! Thank you Tri-Animals for saving our day!"

~ Brandon and Melanie Wild

"As for your Tri-Animals, I give you wholehearted praise. It is the only thing I have tried that relieves the itching and pain of "pepper tick" bites. I haven't been bothered by them since using Tri-Animals...this stuff is brilliant!"

~ Lou Hallamore,
Professional Hunter,
HHK Safaris,
Zimbabwae, Africa

"I live here in Kilmarnock, Virginia, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. We have many acres of wetlands which breed mosquitoes prolifically, indeed. We also have a biting fly season which generally runs from late May trough mid-July. Nothing here seemed to work on the biting flies ("Deer Flies")...My wife and I have been using it here for the past several weeks for our morning walks, and it seems about 95% effective on the local biting flies (Deer Flies). Keep up the good work!"

~ Carl and Donna Gruel

"Tri-Animals is the best ALL-AROUND solution ever. I use it on almost everything. I've used it on thrush, SCRATCHES, bite marks (it's made the hair grow back so fast), for old wounds that left scars (and now they're going away). It was a life saver for my pregnant mare last summer. I didn't want to use those harsh chemical fly-sprays so I tried the Tri-Animals. It worked wonders! I know you'll be hearing from me this spring after the foal is born. Thanks again."

~ Alisha Novotny

"I first discovered Tri-Animals at the golf course in Big Sky, MT. We have horseflies that can carry off a pick-up truck, not to mention biting flies, sweat bees and mosquitoes. I truly feel sorry for the golfers who don’t have Tri-Animals! This stuff works better than the DEET, and it’s good for you! I even take bottles with me as house gifts for friends I visit in other parts of the country. I’ve never found anything better!"

~ Jon Holtzman,
Big Brothers/Big Sisters,
Big Sky, MT

"I have had tremendous results healing open wounds in the summer and highly recommend Tri-Animals to my clients."

~ Pam Dunkle,
Therapeutic Hoof Care Practitioner

"Tri-Animals is the next best thing to a bee-keepers hood for snipe-flies on the golf course…we also sell it at the Corral Bar, horse and dog lovers really love this stuff."

~ Dave House,
Bunker Bar and Grill Big Sky Golf Course

"I occasionally get blisters on my feet from hiking and now rely on Tri-Animals to heal them."

~ Jim Doran,
Professional Hunter and Master Guide

"Summer in Alaska is known for its mosquitoes, after spraying my dogs and myself with Tri-Animals we are able to continue our daily hikes."

~ Carol Klutsch,
King Salmon, Alaska

"Tri-Animals is extremely effective against LICE. It killed all of them on my dog!"

~ Joslin Fields

"ULTRA-MEND healed a skin problem I’ve had for 30 years! I had tried everything on the market, but nothing worked. In less than TWO weeks the ULTRA-MEND got rid of it."

~ Gayla Wiedenheft,
Bozeman, MT

"I used Tri-Animals while working as an archaeologist in Missouri. Missouri has more bugs than anywhere I’ve ever been; including ticks, chiggers, and gnats. Tri-Animals OUTPERFORMED DEET by far."

~ Dave P.

"I thank Dianna daily for making Tri-Animals! It's the only thing I use for wounds now that I've seen the results with Briget! The vets never needed to see her again after I started using Tri-Animals! I tell everyone about it!"

~ Connie Sparks,
Epona Equine,
Bozeman, MT

Read more about the story of Briget and her survival.

Some images are graphic, please view at your own discrestion.

"While swimming in Hawaii I scraped my leg on some coral and really ripped it up! I had heard horror stories from friends about how painful and infected coral injuries could get! I've used Tri-Animals for many things and was happy that I had brought a bottle with me on vacation. I immediately returned to my room, and cleaned and doused my leg with Tri-Animals. It never got infected and I was amazed at how quickly it scabbed over and then disappeared! I have no scars to prove it really happened!"

~ Susan Thompson

"I am Dianna’s neighbor, so of course she encourages me to use Tri-Animals for things ranging from blisters to sunburn. It works for both, by the way. So when I was packing for my safari to Botswana, I threw in a bottle of Tri-Animals. And I am glad I did! One night I woke up COVERED with ants! They were on the floor, on the walls and in my bed! Taking Dianna’s advice, I sprayed MYSELF AND EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM! No more ants!"

~ Justin Hedgecock
Professional Hunting Guide

"Per your suggestion, I soaked my cinch in a diluted tub of Tri-Animals for 24 hours. I also sprayed "Jay’s" armpit area where he had the "crud" (fungus) everyday for about 10 days. It did some weird flaking and then one day NO MORE CRUD!"

~ Faith Malpeli,
Big Sky, MT

"Thanks so much for sending the Tri-Animals so quickly! I can see the results already. There are HARDLY ANY TICKS on my dog today!"

~ Jane Gentholts,
Little Falls, Minn.