Apple Cider Vinegar:

Who hasn't heard something wonderful about vinegar? It has been used as a gargle, ant-acid, insect repellent, household cleaner and hair rinse! The health effects of ACV are plenty and well documented. I use it in Tri-Animals as an extender and carrier for the essential oils and as a repellent for insects. Insects are attracted to an individuals CO2 (carbon dioxide) output. In other words, your bodies scented emissions! Some people/pets smell better than others. One of the reasons I started making this, is because I must smell very good – flying insects love me! Basically, we are trying to "cover up" any scent that attracts insects.

Catnip Oil:

Several scientific studies have been done proving that this essential oil is 10X's more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes. The repellency time of catnip is shorter than DEET, but there are NO HARMFUL side effects from re-applying Tri-Animals. This oil is also used for the treatment of colds/flu, fevers and migraines. Catnip is used for stomach upset as well as for gas and colic. Catnip is a perennial herb in the mint family.


In other words, Marigold! One of the most beautiful oils (along with Myrrh, of course!), Calendula gives Tri-Animals it's color. Before I even knew they made an essential oil I put REAL Marigold blossoms in my spray…as an insect repellent! Don't all gardeners plant Marigolds to deter bugs? Little did I know that Calendula is considered one of the most healing of the essential oils. This oil prevents wounds from healing until all infection is out. It has a strong drawing effect on tissue, bringing together the edges of the wound reducing scar tissue and PROUD FLESH. It makes an excellent FIRST AID for cut and bruises. It is also very anti-fungal.


This oil is amazing! I added it to the "solution" as a repellent (more effective when paired with Citronella) but the more research I do, the more reasons I find to love it. Traditionally, Native Americans used Cedarwood to help with spiritual communication and purification. It is said to enhance healing of skin dis-orders, acne and psoriasis.


We have all heard how citronella keeps the mosquitoes away!! This oil is also great for all those other pesty bugs; no-see-ums, horseflys, deerflys, ants and spiders. Citronella is also antiseptic (most chemical testing shows Citronella to have about 35% Terpene Alcohol) and is popular in Europe as a kitchen surface cleaner (interesting fun fact).


Oh, the wonders of this oil! There is alot of history behind Eucalyptus. It has been used for centuries as a dis-infectant and its insect repelling abilities! Scientific studies show it to be highly effective against dustmites and bedbugs (I spray Tri-Animals on my mattress pad before putting on clean sheets). It is also recognized for its anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

Valerian Root:

This is made into a tea in order to extend the volume of the spray. I use Valerian because it is about the "stinky-est" one I could find! It also is known for its calming effect and is found in many natural sleep aids.


The beauty of Lavender! One can hardly begin to list its benefits. It has been studied extensively and is proven to regenerate skin tissue (cell renewal), is very soothing and will calm any kind of burn or bite (SUNBURN, HEAT BURNS, BEE STINGS!). It is great for oily skin (my teen aged nephews spray their faces with T-A's daily!), and also has a relaxing effect on the body, reduces the pain of wounds and helps prevent infection. It is in use in Europe as a kennel spray to dis-infect and as a canine dip for almost any skin dis-order. Lavender is proven to be one of the most effective oils in the treatment of the herpes virus being a strong anti-viral (as are Tea Tree and Calendula).


This oil is well known for its healing powers. History writes that no Roman warrior ever went into battle without Myrrh. Myrrh is used today in many oral hygiene products and along with Calendula, is excellent for the skin, shown in scientific studies to reduce wrinkles (Tri-Animals makes a wonderful daily toner for the face and for DRY/CHAPPED SKIN). Tri-Animals has been used on some serious bed-sores (pressure sores) with fantastic results. Saturated any "hot-spot" your horse might have after a ride.

Tea Tree:

The leaves of the Melaleuca (tea) tree have historically been used by the aborigines of Australia for healing all kinds of wounds, skin diseases and infections. Tea Tree oil is highly anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and very antiseptic. When using Tri-Animals in the early years for flies on a horse that had a terrible face fungus, I noticed that his hair was growing back! After about 2 weeks ALL his hair was back and his face looked beautiful! I'm thinking Tea Tree Oil!! On the side, TEA TREE OIL CAN BE LETHAL TO CATS. I have used T-A's on my cat's wounds with the only outcome being complete healing! Use with caution on your kitty's.

Fractionated Coconut Oil:

This is used as the carrier oil. It extends the essential oils in order to prolong their "life". One of the most beneficial qualities of FCO is it's indefinite shelf life (it never goes rancid). It absorbs into the skin easily, is non-greasy and is wonderful for the skin and hair!