Tri-Animals SprayHello! and Welcome to the Tri-Animals web-site! If this is your first visit, congratulations on saving yourself lots of "surfing" time! You'll come back here time and again because Tri-Animals is the only NATURAL SOLUTION to protect you and your family, including the furry ones, against pesty insects and to heal all kinds of malady's.

If you are a veteran to ESSENTIAL OILS rest assured that Tri-Animals is made only with PURE, THERAPEUTIC-GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS. I brew and bottle Tri-Animals 2 gallons at a time (in my kitchen) in order to assure freshness (the solution itself will lose some odorous properties but the oils will remain potent, it is the plastic in the bottling that breaks down over time). All I can say to this is, if you have any Tri-Animals left, you're not using it to its full potential! While in Africa, I sprayed the floor of our bungalow to keep the ants and bugs from coming in!

I am in no way an expert in Essential Oils! My references include: The Complete Illustrated, Holistic Herbal, by David Hoffman. Reference Guide for Essential Oils, by Connie Higley. Herbal Remedies by Asa Hershoff and Andrea Rotelli.

Tri-Animals at the Farmers MarketLocal stores that carry Tri-Animals: In Bozeman, MT; 4 Corners Saddlery, All-West Veterinary Clinic, Cottonwood Animal Hospital, Rocky Mountain Supply (Belgrade and Dillon, MT), Bridger Feeds, Montana Harvest Natural Foods, Gesundheit Nutrition Center, Huckleberry's Natural Market. In Big Sky, MT; East Slope Angler's, Corral Bar & Grill, Yellowstone Club Golf Shop.

I want to extend my gratitude to these stores for believing in Tri-Animals and also a special thanks to Jessica Lynn at Earthsong Ranch ( for offering the solution on her web site! Special thanks go to my friends Faith and Susan for all their efforts! There wouldn't be Tri-animals without them. And thanks to all the people and pets who were my "lab rats" throughout the entire process.

I can't forget my "sweetest" Jim, for his support during the "brewing" process!

Dianna Lawson